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It’s so awkward being in an elevator with someone attractive

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R.I.P. Michael Clark Duncan, who portrayed John Coffey in the film adaptation of The Green Mile


He tried to eat my bookmark and I took it away from him so now he’s super pissed


Ay, my current Stephen King collection. I can’t believe how huge it’s gotten, that’s 47 books! And to think that I’ve read most of them!!! It’s absolutely riveting to me. It makes my tiny lil heart beat faster than you can imagine. Past collection posts: x x 
Here’s what the books are in order from left to right in the second and third pictures. Bolded ones I’ve read, those with a ~~ next to them are my faves:

  1. The Long Walk(“Дългата разходка”) ~~~~~~~~~!!~~~
  2. It (Volume 2) (“То”) ~
  3. Roadwork (“Пътна мрежа”)
  4. Night Shift(“Нощна смяна”)
  5. Misery (“Мизъри”)
  6. Firestarter(“Живата факла”)
  7. Pet Sematary(“Гробище за домашни любимци”)
  8. Dreamcatcher(“Капан за сънища”)
  9. Insomnia(“Безсъние”)
  10. The Eyes of The Dragon(“Очите на дракона”)
  11. Different Seasons(“Особени сезони”) ~~ to “The Body” and “Apt Pupil”
  12. Thinner (“Проклятието”)
  13. Nightmares and Dreamscapes (“Кошмари и Съновидения”)
  14. The Talisman(“Талисманът”) ~~~
  15. Black House (“Черният дом”) ~~
  16. The Stand (Volume 1) (“Сблъсък”)
  17. Bag of Bones(“Торба с кости”)
  18. Gerald’s Game (“Играта на Джералд”)
  19. Four After Midnight (Volume 1) (“Четири след полунощ”)
  20. Four After Midnight (Volume 2)
  21. The Green Mile (“Зеленият път”)
  22. The Colorado Kid (“Колорадецът”)
  23. Under The Dome (Volume 1) (“Под Купола”) ~~~
  24. Under The Dome (Volume 2)
  25. Cujo (“Куджо”)
  26. Storm of the Century (“Бурята на века”)
  27. Cell (“Клетка”)
  28. Hearts in Atlantis (“Сърца в Атлантида”)
  29. Salem’s Lot (“Сейлъмс Лот”)
  30. The Mist (and other stories) (“Мъглата”)
  31. Rage (“Гняв”)
  32. Duma Key (“Дума Ки”)
  33. Just After Sunset (“Малко след залеза”)
  34. The Shining (“Сияние”)
  35. Carrey (“Кери”)
  36. Blaze (“Огън”) ~~
  37. The Tommyknockers (“Томинокърс”)
  38. On Writing (“За писането: мемоари на занаята”)
  39. Desperation (“Град Отчаяние”)
  40. Everything is Eventual (“Всичко е съдбовно”)
  41. The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger (“Тъмната кула I: Стрелецът”)
  42. The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three (“Тъмната кула II: Трите карти”)
  43. The Dark Tower III: The Wastelands (“Тъмната кула III: Пустош”)
  44. The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass  (“Тъмната кула IV: Магьосникът”)
  45. Joyland
  46. Full Dark, No Stars
  47. 11/22/63

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(Almost) my whole collection. 94 books pictured, but this isn’t everything in the house. I also have the DT Concordance, and dozens of single DT comic issues…

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